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"Preparing leaders for tomorrow’s world"


Chinar Public School is a Senior Secondary Co-educational, English Medium School, affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (Affiliation No.1730036).

The verdant, beautiful campus of Chinar Public School is located just 15 minutes from the heart of Alwar City towards Jaipur and just 2 minutes from Kati Ghati, on the road that goes to Sariska. Its serene location, secure environment, aesthetic infrastructure and complementing ambience make it an ideal setting to acquire knowledge.

Our Motto


Meticulously chosen from The Bhagavad Gita Chapter 2, Verse 47; it means ‘Thy right is to thy work alone but never to the fruit of work. Let not the rewards of action be not thy motive; nor let this attached to inaction.’


Our Vision

Shaping balanced personalities through care, politeness, and understanding, equal opportunity in academics, organized sports & co-curricular activities with encouragement, without prejudice.

The vision of our school is to make every student ‘a locally rooted and globally competent citizen’ of tomorrow.

Our Approach to


Our curriculum envisages integrated leaning experiences for children. In order to achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on planning.

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Counseling &

Pastoral Care

Our in-house counselor and trained teachers help the children to cope up with psychological stress due to peer, academic pressure etc

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Tours & Educational


During the academic year, students are taken out on organized field trips to places of historical, cultural and educational Importance.

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Community Outreach


Various Community Outreach Initiatives are organized by the school to indicate the value of dignity of labour and compassion towards planning.

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Notices & Circulars

British Council – International School Award

British Council – International School Award

The school aims at adding a global dimension to all its teaching learning and personality development programmes. It aims at helping its students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that would facilitate their active participation in appreciating global issues and meeting global challenges. Schooling is no longer merely an academic endeavor but also aims at sensitizing students towards their commitment to society and the globe as a whole. Gone are the days when schooling was restricted to knowledge, information, culture and tradition of merely one’s own country. Technological advancement in all fields has also impacted the functioning of teachers and school children,

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Admission Open 2017-18