Our Approach to Learning

Our curriculum envisages integrated leaning experiences for children. In order to achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on planning. Within the framework of the curriculum, there is a flexibility to plan a program that is appropriate to the individual circumstances and to the needs, aptitudes and interests of the children. We present content, approaches and methodologies in such ways to adapt and interpret the curriculum where necessary to meet learners’ own unique requirements. Learning through experiences/opportunities, through plays and fun, understanding and application forms the crux of our learning approach.

We adapt the following approaches and methodologies to teach different subject matter at different learning levels.
  • Integrated / Holistic Methods
  • Project / Play way Methods
  • Direct instructions / Lecture Method
  • Story method / Dramatization
  • First hand Experiences / Sensory Experiences
  • Study Skills / Thinking Skills
  • Organization Skills and Technology Skills
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Presentation through Different Media
  • Exploration and Research
  • Experiments and Demonstrations
  • Reasoned Debate – Information and Reasons
  • Activity Oriented Method
  • Cross Curricular Approach
  • Group Work / Individual Work / Pair Work
  • Educational Visits / Field Trips

Creative & Aesthetic Development

Chinar Public School is known for its vibrant cultural activities which not only fulfill the aesthetic and creative urge of the students, but also promote a positive self-confidence and a sense of achievement through participation and stage exposure.

Creative & Aesthetic Development
Creative & Aesthetic Development
Creative & Aesthetic Development
Creative & Aesthetic Development

It is our firm belief that every child is gifted with creativity, though in varying degrees. To harness creative traits and tap the talent at an early age Chinar Public School, offers its students a variety of extracurricular activities. Vocal and instrumental music, Dance, Art and Craft and SUPW are integral parts of the education system in the school till Class X.  The school has managed to create and hone exceptional talent in all these fields. Children regularly have their works presented on national and international platforms.

Through varied activities like celebration of festivals, special assemblies, celebration of special days, the school aims at not only identifying and polishing talent, but also, familiarizing the students with their rich cultural legacy which must always be cherished.

Facilitators of Learning

Facilitating enriching experiences, the teachers at the Chinar Public School are essentially equipped with the qualities of the head and the heart and lead the young learners put under their care on the path of success.

Facilitators / Teachers at Chinar Public School are……

  • Well-Qualified
  • Creative
  • Understanding
  • Committed
  • Most important of all – Learners Forever

Training and Workshop


The school lays great emphasis on training and interaction of students and teachers so that they can keep abreast with the changing trends in the fast growing educational system.

The workshops and conferences provide for exchange of ideas and resources, understanding of the depth of the curriculum and learning about the effective innovative teaching methods.

Facilitators of Learning
Facilitators of Learning
Facilitators of Learning
Facilitators of Learning


Our Approach to Evaluation / Assessment

Our curriculum responds to the learners’ needs in terms of their whole personality development. Necessary inputs are planned and provided to bring about changes in their personal and social behavior besides developing in them the scholastic and co-curricular aspects.

With a view to provide feedback for further improvement, some kind of assessment or evaluation becomes essential. The relevance, reliability and validity of the evaluation procedures determine the quality of feedback, which has to be derived for ensuring qualitative improvement among learners.

With the above focus in mind, Chinar Public School has developed the evaluation process that has the following principles:

  • Evaluation is done in cooperative spirit.
  • Evaluation is participatory and transparent.
  • The fear of external examinations, settled in the minds of children from a very tender age, is minimized.
  • Continuous evaluation is done through keen observations.
  • Periodical assessment of learning to diagnose the areas of competencies and difficulties for arranging special instructions.
  • Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), to take a holistic view of learners’ progress covering scholastic, personality and co-curricular aspects.
  • Inter-learner comparison is minimized.
  • The evaluation process is demystified and made transparent by taking parents into confidence.
  • The communication of the outcomes is in a positive manner, which in turn encourages learners to face this process readily rather than taking it as an imposed ordeal.
  • Graded and age appropriate evaluation tools to restore the spirit of the process.