Sports impart health and agility of mind in a practical manner on the Playground. At chinar Public School Sports and Games and an integral part of Education.

The Physical Education Programme has been divided on the following segments:

  • Sports Activities Outdoor
  • Sports Activities Indoor
  • Physical Fitness Training – Gymnasium
  • Health and Fitness Training – Yoga & Aerobics

All festivals are organized by paying attention to detail and are celebrated with love. The children love to get involved and many participate in dance, music and drama performances or help with decorating the school.

On certain special occasions the children wear traditional clothes and Chinar comes alive with beauty, color and fun! Apart from just merry-making, the spiritual significance of each festival is explained with great clarity.

The atmosphere at Chinar Public School during this event is energetic and wonderful! Athletic Meet normally takes place in December at Chinar. Many enjoyable athletic activities are conducted during the event.

‘Kids flourish if we get them to school every day’.

School holds a very special place in our memory. The droning lectures, the fun, mischief & pranks and the companionship of friends, these memories make school a very special place.

Abraham Lincoln once said that the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. All this implies that school is a place of worship.

Inspired by these thoughts and many more, Mrs & Mr Ganju worked out together to pioneer a beautiful piece of work. Our school on 8th of August commemorates as the Founder’s Day.

A Class Decoration Competition was held on this day. Children adorned their classes with pictures, drawings, quotations and slogans with full enthusiasm and interest.

Various Community Outreach Initiatives are organized by the school to indicate the value of dignity of labour and compassion towards the downtrodden segments of society.

During the academic year, students are taken out on organized field trips to places of historical, cultural and educational Importance. The tour is usually preceded by slide shows, preparatory talks and written assignments.

During the visit the students are encouraged to keep a log of events and a full diary of impressions and include photographs taken. In addition, small cultural expeditions to places in the close vicinity of Alwar, are also arranged during the session. To break the monotony of the academic curriculum and to provide recreation, students are taken out to edu-info-entertainment excursions regularly