Chinar Public School

Our curriculum envisages integrated leaning experiences for children. In order to achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on planning. Within the framework of the curriculum, there is a flexibility to plan a program that is appropriate to the individual circumstances and to the needs, aptitudes and interests of the children. We present content, approaches and methodologies in such ways to adapt and interpret the curriculum where necessary to meet learners’ own unique requirements. Learning through experiences/opportunities, through plays and fun, understanding and application forms the crux of our learning approach.

Address: 6.5 Kms., Jaipur Road, Alwar – 301001, India
Phone : (91)(144) 2980140, 2980169, 2980171

Mobile: 9672374496

Phone : (91)(144) 2980140, 2980169, 2980171

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School Timings

                                   Summer               Winter

Class Nur – 1       08:00 – 12:30      09:00 – 13:30

Class 2 – 12         07:00 – 13:30      08:00 – 14:30