British Council – International School Award

International Policy Document

The school aims at adding a global dimension to all its teaching learning and personality development programmes. It aims at helping its students develop the knowledge, skills and attitude that would facilitate their active participation in appreciating global issues and meeting global challenges.

Aims and Objectives of the International Policy:

Schooling is no longer merely an academic endeavor but also aims at sensitizing students towards their commitment to society and the globe as a whole. Gone are the days when schooling was restricted to knowledge, information, culture and tradition of merely one’s own country.

Technological advancement in all fields has also impacted the functioning of teachers and school children, which in turn, has helped bridge the gaps between countries and continents.

In tandem with the above, the need to expose students to a global experience in various fields has become almost mandatory and thus the Management and Staff of the Chinar Public School have developed an International Policy which would enable both the teachers and learners to add a global dimension to the school curriculum so as to help them:

  • Develop curiosity and a strong awareness of similarities and differences in lifestyles and culture in a range of other countries
  • Appreciate the rich and diverse cultural heritage, beliefs and values and languages of countries across the globe as compared with their own.
  • Understand and appreciate the complexities of interdependence of countries at a global level.
  • Reach out to their co-partners in various fields across different countries.
  • Become sensitive towards greater global issues related to environment, religion, culture, racial equality etc.
  • Appreciate and use ICT as an effective means to enhance communication skills, thus facilitating better information, knowledge and connectivity across the globe.
  • Share a common platform with students and teachers of other countries by way of international school partnerships and visits so as to enrich the school curriculum with the integration of the global dimension, as and when possible.
  • Work towards achieving the aims and objectives laid down by the British Council for taking up the International School Award Activities.
  • Take up the activities in the approved Action Plan with interest and sincerity in the given time frame, integrating them with the school curriculum, adding a global dimension to the same.
  • Take up the activities in a way so as to win the International School Award as a part of the broader aim.
  • Review the International Policy of the school on regular basis to update it to meet the latest global requirements.

Every effort will be made by the Management, Staff and students of the Chinar Public School to fulfill the aims and objectives of this policy document in letter and spirit.

British Council – International School Award