(9th Oct. 1935 to 22nd March,2017)


A Philosopher A Philanthropist A Visionary An Eminent Educationist

These are a few adjectives often used with his name. Shri S. S. N. Ganju bestows a prominent position in society due to the exemplary work he has done in the field of education. He has created a unique effort to improve the education of young children through this great and grand institution called “CHINAR.”

His strong belief was that the young generation is truly sincere, dedicated and keen to adopt new practices of learning. They can enter any challenging arena and achieve success if they receive focused attention, inspiring atmosphere and a bit of extra care.

Shri S. S. N. Ganju fondly known as Ganju Sir was the Founder Principal of APS from June 1978 to Oct 1983. Established by visionary Ganju Sir, Chinar Public School started small with just a handful of students and the dedicated teachers. It moved onward and forward and grew from strength to strength, adding classrooms, floors, and buildings as the strength increased.

Ganju Sir made a distinct contribution to modernize and revitalize the education system. Under his stewardship & unique approach to education, the school established well – grounded in its practices molding the young minds of coming generations. He believed that Education is a dedicated service, hence, focus and involvement is extremely necessary and crucial, as knowledge is growing by leaps and bounds endlessly. He indomitably believed in change for good & consistently adopted new practices of learning.