Summer Camp Activities from 15 to 20 May 2017

About Us

Children are tender plants, susceptible to vagaries of Nature, susceptible to our politeness/harshness, our care/neglect, our love /prejudice. A child is a lump of wet clay that has to be very carefully, gently & systematically moulded into something unique by the parents and teachers.

Our Approach to Learning

Our curriculum envisages integrated leaning experiences for children. In order to achieve this, a strong emphasis is placed on planning.

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Counseling, Pastoral Care

Our in-house counselor and trained teachers help the children to cope up with psychological stress due to peer, academic pressure etc

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Contact Us

Chinar Public School, 6.5 Km Jaipur Road, Alwar-301001 Phone : (91)(144) 2980140, 2980169, 2980171 Email: Webiste: